Sól do kąpieli
Sosna & Lawenda

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Crystal power of mineral relaxes the senses. A soothing moment of Lavender cleansing. magical delicacy of aromatic nature.

What do you think about the natural ingredient containing the same eighty-four minerals and elements found in the human body, necessary for its proper functioning? Yes, we agree that this sounds really promising. We have a surprise for you! We are talking about ‘Gold of the Himalayas’ – pink Himalayan salt, which we used as a base when creating one of our products! Pine & Lavender bath salt has a number of detoxifying, cleansing and softening properties. It owes its attractive pink color to its high iron content. The scent of lavender relaxes and soothes, helping to relax the mind and body. However, the aroma of pine oil purifies and calms the green freshness of the trees. Think that your daily bath can turn into a professional treatment in a luxury spa! Just dissolve a handful of salt at least once a week under a running stream of warm water. That’s all! You can already enjoy the stimulating power of minerals, as well as lavender and pine aromatherapy.


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